Cashless Procedure for Health Policies of IndiaFirst Life Insurance Company Ltd. (IndiaFirst MoneyBack Health Plan and IndiaFirst Mediclaim Plan)
1.Search for a Network Hospital in your area (you can also call on 1800 209 8700 or 1800 425 9449).
2. Show your Health Card at the Hospital’s Insurance Desk.
3. Your TPA’s name is mentioned on the back-page of the card.
4. The Hospital’s Insurance Desk sends a Cashless Request to Mediassist along with supporting documents.
5. Mediassist scrutinizes the request and communicates the decision to the hospital.
6. In case of additional information or document requirement for claim processing, a query letter is sent to the hospital and the above process from point 4 to 5 is repeated.
7. At discharge, if an initial Cashless Approval is given, Hospital sends the Final Bill and Discharge Summary to Mediassist and the above process from 4 to 6 is repeated.
You can contact on the following numbers in case you face any issue - 1800 209 8700 (Toll Free) or 1800 425 9449 (Toll Free) or 022 33 259 747.
You can mail us at customer.first@indiafirstlife.com and health.first@indiafirstlife.com
Senior Citizens can call on 9833865564 or send a mail on Nikhil.bhagwat@indiafirstlife.com for assistance in case of any query or issue regarding Cashless or Reimbursement Claims.

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